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Private Party Used Car Loans

Posted on Aug 29, 2011 by Thalia Green
Aug 29

Used car LoansA private-party, used car loan is the type of financing required when the buyer is purchasing a vehicle from the owner (aka a private party) and not from a dealership. It is basically a person-to-person contract where instead of cash being transferred, the buyer is taking a loan to purchase the vehicle. Just as with any loan, it is important that one find a reputable agent to facilitate the deal so both the customer and the private party selling the vehicle are in complete agreement with the terms of the contract.


Just the same as when one walks into a dealership and decides to buy a car, there are steps that need to be taken in order to ensure the loan is secured and satisfies both parties. As a result, it’s imperative to shop around for a trustworthy lender that is able to offer the best and most affordable rate. Private-loan lenders’ score are available online. Once research is complete, it is time to contact each lender and find out what financial benefits they are offering, including interest rates, terms of the loan, length of the loan, etc. Simply looking for the cheapest quote is not always best. It is important the lender have a first-class reputation with individuals and companies alike.


It is extremely beneficial to the buyer that they have a high credit rating or credit score. The better the credit score, the better the chances of getting accepted for a loan and more importantly, the better chance of getting a low rate of interest. So before applying for a loan, it is imperative that one pays off any outstanding debt if this is possible. Also, one can check for any mistakes or inaccuracies on their report to clear them up.

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Used Car Loans


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